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The Sony Xperia L4 is a solid account phone. It’s a appropriate best if you appetite a buzz for the basics and like Sony’s caked style.

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This appearance is emphasized by the ultra-long 21:9 aspect adjustment screen, which lets Sony fit a 6.2-inch affectation into a analytic attenuated frame. We wouldn’t alarm the Sony Xperia L4 a baby phone, but it is beneath avant-garde than the battling Moto G8 Ability Lite. Aback a buzz feels too ample for your hands, it’s usually because it is wide.

Price and absolution date Architecture Affectation Camera Camera samples Achievement Arrangement Should I buy it?

But can you get added for your money? Sure. The Moto G8 Ability Lite has a bigger primary camera, a abundant beyond battery, and a bigger chipset.

Delve into the unfamiliar-to-some apple of Chinese phones from Xiaomi and Oppo and you can get alike more. The Oppo A5 2020 is a accurate highlight if you appetite your buzz to aftermost a continued time.

You’ll allegation to allegation the Sony Xperia L4 every day, it struggles with some actual ambitious games, and the architecture may assume apparent if you don’t buy into Sony’s style.

The cameras are no bigger than we apprehend at the amount too, alike if there are three of them. You can shoot affable images on ablaze days, but night photos are poor, and the ultra-wide camera’s images are basic.

Still, at this amount any ultra-wide camera is a bonus.

Few aspects of the buzz angle out already you become acclimatized to the taller-than-average screen. However, its accepted achievement is altogether fine, with actual little of the axiological adjustment lag that can accomplish a bargain buzz acid to use.

The Sony Xperia L4 is a account phone, the affectionate you ability buy to get abroad from big-ticket affairs whose costs become boundless aback you assignment out how abundant they add up to over 24 months.

It is the aftereffect to the Sony Xperia L3, and was appear in April/May 2020.

Pricing has not afflicted this year. The Xperia L4 costs £169 (around $210 / AU$335), so key alternatives are phones like the Moto G8 Ability Lite, Samsung Galaxy A20e and Xiaomi Remi Note 8.

You’ll adequate apprehension two elements of the Sony Xperia L4’s architecture first. It’s a artificial buzz and has a actual continued screen.

The aboriginal is archetypal of mobiles in this class, but Sony makes no attack to beard artificial as glass. Its aback has a hardly sparkly accomplishment but is matte and does not reflect your face in the way artificial masquerading as bottle generally does.

The additional Sony Xperia L4 trait, that continued screen, is a Sony characteristic. It agency the buzz is almost attenuated for one with a 6.2-inch display. This is adequate account if you don’t appetite a buzz that feels badly large.

Apple’s iPhone SE is abundant abate still, and the Xperia L4’s able-bodied 8.7mm arrangement agency it is not the absolute baby buzz some of you may be after. But the Sony Xperia L4 feels manageable, not massive.

It is additionally a adequate archetype of architecture appearance of antecedent flagships gradually decrepit bottomward to account phones. The Sony Xperia L4 has slim-enough awning borders, far abate than the iPhone SE’s, and a tidy-looking bead awning notch. Front-on at least, this does not attending like a ‘cheap’ phone.

More big-ticket accouterments appearance are absent. The Sony Xperia L4 has a side-mounted fingerprint scanner rather than an in-screen one. It’s abstracted from the ability button too. Some antecedent Sony phones accept scanner/button combos. You can use the pad from standby, and it gets you to the home awning in little beneath a second.

There are absolutely faster pads,  though, and a adequate scattering of times during testing the Sony Xperia L4 has banned to alike admit the attendance of our thumb. It’s the arrangement of behavior you usually see afterwards too abounding bootless attempts, but there is no on-screen alert to advance this has happened. This is an adequate feel scanner, one that could be bigger in a software update.

There’s no official baptize attrition either, but the Sony Xperia L4 does accept NFC, which is missing from some bargain phones, and a headphone jack.

Sony’s architecture appearance has a specific character, an absurd aural aggregate of the glossy and the boxy. It rarely after-effects in decidedly arresting high-end phones, but agency the Sony Xperia L4 looks serious. And conceivably that’s not a bad access aback the aim actuality is not to attending too cheap.

The Sony Xperia L4 has a 6.2-inch LCD awning whose alone stand-out allotment is shape. This is a 21:9 aspect adjustment display, best and narrower than that of any added big-name buzz in its class.

But is this absolutely a adequate shape? It’s advantageous in two capital scenarios.

Watch a cine attempt in a agnate aspect ratio, such as a big-budget blockbuster, and the footage will ample the awning afterwards big atramentous confined crumbling the awning space. It can additionally be accessible aback arena amateur with basal stick controls, as there’s added amplitude to anniversary ancillary of the screen, almost speaking.

The Sony Xperia L4 is beneath than ideal if you watch 16:9 videos. You can either put up with atramentous accumbent bars, or crop into the angel and accident chopping someone’s arch off.

21:9 screens additionally activity lower perceived awning admeasurement per inch than the added accepted ~19:9 ratio. Why added manufacturers don’t use 21:9 displays starts to become obvious. Added shapes are a average arena amid ratios acclimated by movies and TV shows. So, while actual little agreeable is absolutely attempt at their exact aspect ratio, it’s usually not afar off.

Other areas of the Sony Xperia L4 are aloof what we apprehend from a cheaper phone. Its blush is good, but there’s no avant-garde blush area abutment for an ultra-saturated look. Contrast is solid if not abreast the akin of an OLED phone.

Maximum accuracy is not absolutely aerial abundant for ideal afterimage on a ablaze day. This awning could absolutely be brighter, but the backlight is at atomic able abundant to let you blazon out a bulletin calmly no amount the ablaze level.

All avant-garde movie-watching account are out. The Sony Xperia L4 does not abutment HDR, which is not a surprise. It additionally does not abutment Netflix HD at launch. 540p is the best alive resolution, which we achievement to see remedied afore too long.

This is a 720 x 1680 display, able of lower-end HD streams. This resolution does not accomplish interface argument attending as aciculate as, for example, the hardly added big-ticket Moto G8 Power. However, it is accustomed for affordable phones like this to use a lower spec. We are blessed with its accurateness at the price. Pixelation is not confusing and obvious.

Take a attending at the Sony Xperia L4’s leash of rear cameras and it doesn’t necessarily attending all that altered to those of a buzz four times the price. The affinity ends there.

This buzz has a adequately basal camera adjustment fabricated up to assume like a added avant-garde one. There’s a accepted camera, an ultra-wide, and a abyss abetment for accomplishments becloud images. But none of the sensors are decidedly impressive.

Its accepted camera is, of course, the best. This has a 13MP sensor and an f/2.0 lens. It’s a baby 1/3-inch sensor and is a footfall beneath that of the Moto G8 Ability Lite. Alike in adequate lighting there’s a apparent footfall bottomward in accomplished detail and arrangement fidelity.

The Sony Xperia L4 can still booty appealing day-lit photos, but night and low-light images are poor. Sony doesn’t accept as able activating ambit access as some either, arch to hardly duller caliginosity and the casual bit of overexposure.

Ultra-wide shots are best accomplished on the phone’s awning too, because the low-resolution 5MP sensor aloof doesn’t abduction the advice bare to accomplish them flash on a beyond display.

We are not decidedly afflicted by Xperia L4’s final camera either, a 2MP sensor that helps in the conception of abyss maps for ‘portrait’ images, area the accomplishments is blurred.

These don’t accept to be of a person. Any accountable will do. But on too abounding occasions the buzz has blurred out the accountable as able-bodied as the accomplishments aback that accountable is a little added away.

Want video? The Sony Xperia L4 can alone shoot at up to 1080p. There’s no 4K mode. It does activity cyberbanking (software) angel stabilization, but it is not decidedly effective. Handheld footage is smoother than it ability contrarily be, not absolutely smooth.

Since 2019’s Xperia L3, Sony added this phone’s ultra-wide camera. It’s a big advance in the kinds of images you can take, but you may be aghast by their affection akin if you attending too closely.

The advanced camera has an 8MP sensor and, aloof like the antecedent year in the Xperia L3, it can booty solid ablaze selfies, but does not handle lower lighting as able-bodied as best added big-ticket phones.

The Sony Xperia L4 is not a able phone. It has a MediaTek Helio P22 chipset, a almost old processor appear in 2018. The antecedent model, the Xperia L3, acclimated the actual aforementioned chipset.

We do not apprehend miracles at the price, but Motorola offers hardly added ability for beneath money. The Moto G8 Ability Lite has a Helio P35 processor, which while technically absolutely agnate is newer and has a faster-clocked GPU for bigger performance. This one earns aloof 869 credibility in Geekbench 5 (150 per core), a poor account in 2020.

The buzz additionally has aloof 3GB of RAM, which is the atomic its Android 9 software can scrape by with while alienated annoying achievement issues.

Is it a daydream to use? No.

The Sony Xperia L4’s accepted achievement is acceptable. There are casual cursory pauses as you tap to arch aback to the home screen, but switching amid afresh acclimated apps is fast abundant and there’s basal accounting lag.

However, loading of non-cached apps (recently acclimated ones) is slow. Amateur like PUBG can assume to booty a baby aeon to ability the capital menu, and alike abundant beneath ambitious apps like Twitter and Chrome are afflicted to a basal extent.

To get nearer to the affectionate of admiration of a top-end phone, accede spending a little added on a archetypal from one akin up, like the Moto G8 Ability or Oppo A5 2020.

There are cogent furnishings for gaming too. PUBG will alone run at the everyman cartoon setting, which appearance low-res assets and audacious arrangement pop-in. You can’t comedy Ark: Survival Evolved at all because the Sony Xperia L4 does not abutment the Vulkan cartoon API.

Not all amateur run ailing on the Sony Xperia L4. Far from it. But if adaptable gaming is your thing, this is not the appropriate buzz for you.

Its apostle does not advice either. The Sony Xperia L4 has a distinct address disciplinarian on its bottom. It is not loud, and sounds thin.

This buzz is bigger at the simple stuff, but at atomic the software looks the part. The Sony Xperia L4 has a boilerplate Google interface, so looks agnate to a Google Pixel 3a XL in action. There are no attention-grabbing extras, and admitting little achievement issues, the way this software moves is advisedly advised to feel fluid.

We do not get the latest adaptation of Android here, though. The Sony Xperia L4 runs Android 9 rather than Android 10. However, Aphotic Approach is one of the key appearance of Android 10 you’d absolutely notice, and a adaptation of it is already patched in. You can additionally accomplish the buzz accept ablaze or aphotic interface panels based on the wallpaper design.

This is not abounding ‘Dark Mode’ as it alone absolutely affects the app drawer, not your Google apps or alike the settings menu. But we’re bluntly not assertive Aphotic Approach is the best way to use Google apps anyway.

The Sony Xperia L4 has a 3,580mAh battery. It seems baby abutting to the 4,000mAh of the Redmi Note 8 or the 5,000mAh of the Motorola Moto G8 Ability Lite and Oppo A5 2020.

The account class is a decidedly adequate abode to acquisition a buzz that can realistically aftermost two days, or abutting to it. That was not Sony’s aim for the Xperia L4.

This is a one-day arrangement activity phone, but accustomed its almost baby corpuscle its real-world backbone could accept been decidedly worse. We tend to see the buzz larboard with beneath 10% allegation by bedtime, afterwards a day that includes some YouTube streaming, a few hours of audio streaming, and abounding letters sent.

The Sony Xperia L4 can acclimate through a day of abstinent use altogether well. But abutting to the Oppo A5 2020? It does not appear off actual well.

90 account of locally stored video played at best accuracy takes 19% off the battery, hardly added than the 17% we saw from 2019’s Xperia L3. 

Last year we complained about the L3’s apathetic charging, and that has not changed. The Xperia L4 comes with a actual apathetic 7.5W charger, with bisected the ability achievement of the humblest fast charger.

You appetite a bargain phone

You aloof allegation the basics

You appetite a almost bunched phone

You’re a adaptable gamer

You appetite a able-bodied battery

You’re attractive for a abundant camera phone

First reviewed: June 2020

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