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Earlier this month, the fifth division of the hit alternation Anomalous Eye alone on Netflix, and from the actual beginning, it was bright this year was activity to be a bit altered than accomplished seasons. 

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For starters, the division premiere opened with The Fab Bristles — Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness — dancing about and decorating their new address to “Philadelphia Freedom,” abrogation little agnosticism that the casting had larboard the added rural settings of antecedent seasons for The Burghal of Brotherly Love. 

While the abode on the 300 block of Cherry Street served as their home base, The Fab Bristles was all over the burghal (and beyond) during filming aftermost summer — and not alone did they get a contiguous attending at Philly, but the burghal came off attractive acutely able-bodied aback all was said and done. 

So what did The Fab Bristles anticipate of our city, our ability and… our accent?

We were afresh advantageous abundant to babble with Anomalous Eye architecture able Bobby Berk and get his thoughts on all the aloft — and abundant added — afterward his aboriginal continued break in Philly. 

Berk’s adventure of growing up in a austere Christian domiciliary and association that vilified homosexuality is one that’s important to hear, and one that was emphasis in the aboriginal adventure of the new division aback the guys visited Atonement Church in Fishtown in adjustment to accomplish over its leader, Pastor Noah. 

After abrogation home at 15 due to the homophobia he faced as a gay youth, Berk lived out of his car afore affective to New York in 2003 and award his basement in the architecture world. After a aerial academy diploma, Berk still formed his way up at a high-end NYC appliance store. In 2006, he launched Bobby Berk Home and afterwards aperture several brick and adhesive stores, he launched an autogenous architecture aggregation (Bobby Berk Interiors Design) in 2010. 

Since 2018, Berk has been the citizen architecture pro on Anomalous Eye, and currently has his own curve of wallpaper and appliance as able-bodied as the architecture firm. He’s acutely a active man, but he was affectionate abundant to booty some time to babble about his contempo time in Philly, how the appearance has afflicted aback Division 1, how it stays accurate and, of course, that belled Philly accent. 

What were your aboriginal thoughts aback you heard this division was advancing to Philly? Had you spent any time here? What did you apperceive about it? Did Karamo acquaint you or accord you any advice?

BOBBY BERK: “I don’t apperceive if I would’ve necessarily listened to any of Karamo’s admonition because the acquaintance he had there the aboriginal time [that] I anticipate he brought on himself. [laughs] He was aloof on a actual altered appearance at the time. 

“I was a little accustomed [with Philadelphia]. I had lived in New York for about 14 years and so I would booty little weekend trips bottomward to Philly sometimes to get out of the city. So I didn’t apperceive a lot about it, added than the Old Burghal area, but I was excited. I was aflame to arch aback to the East Coast. You know, Philly is affectionate of like New York, but a lot added digestible, so it was nice to be aback out there.”

You saw A LOT of the city. What were your all-embracing impressions of it? And its residents?

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BERK: “I anticipation it was great. There are so abounding admirable areas in Philly. So abounding admirable parks and hiking trails, and the suburbs — it was absorbing everywhere we went.”

“We were absolutely authoritative fun of Tan aggravating to do the [Philly] accent, because Tan consistently thinks that aloof because he has a non-American emphasis that he’s able to do added accents. And it’s not consistently true.”

What were your admired places in Philly, whether it’s bistro or accepting architecture afflatus or activity out?

BERK: “To be honest, me and the boys, we don’t absolutely get to ‘go out.’ It’s a little adamantine for us to go out, because it turns into affectionate of a fiasco. The few times I did though, I acclimated to eat at Vedge a lot, and additionally V Street. Two vegan restaurants, I absolutely anticipate they’re endemic by the aforementioned restaurant group. But those were my two go-to places all the time.” 

I’m abiding I’m giving you PTSD flashbacks here, but you guys were authoritative fun of the Philly emphasis a bit in one of the episodes.

BERK: “Hey, I wasn’t authoritative fun of it. [laughs]”

Maybe it was added you guys authoritative fun of Tan aggravating to do the accent?

BERK: “We were absolutely authoritative fun of Tan aggravating to do the [Philly] accent, because Tan consistently thinks that aloof because he has a non-American emphasis that he’s able to do added accents. And it’s not consistently true. [laughs] He anticipation he was actual acceptable at the Australian emphasis aback were there and yeaaaah that’s up for debate. But Tan was bedeviled with Jennifer Sweeney’s emphasis — I mean, how could you not be bedeviled with annihilation about Jennifer Sweeney, she was so cute. But, yeah, it was fun to apprehend Tan attempting to actor her accent.”

[Note: Jennifer Sweeney was the hero from Division 5, Adventure 7 apparent in the photo above.]

How has the appearance afflicted aback Division 1?

BERK: “I don’t absolutely apperceive that I’d say that it has afflicted a lot. In a way, I absolutely anticipate we’ve been able to become added diverse, which has consistently been important, and I anticipate that is affectionate of key to the city’s that we’ve gone to. I additionally apperceive that afore the appearance came out, like aback we were filming Seasons 1 and 2, we absolutely had a abundant abate basin of bodies to accept from because cipher knew what the appearance was. Cipher capital to accord a appearance alleged Anomalous Eye a chance. I mean, they had never apparent it and, honestly, we had never fabricated it yet, so there wasn’t acceptable advice to acquaint them. It was affectionate of a huge risk, so it was a little bit of a abate casting pool. Now, aback the appearance has appear out and bodies apperceive it and bodies apperceive that our intentions are acceptable and that we’re there to advice people, it’s absolutely opened up the doors to a abundant beyond basin of assorted people. So I would absolutely say that the appearance has gotten added diverse. 

“We’ve additionally started allowance added business, which has been a lot of fun. I feel like our aboriginal business was the Jones sisters [Jones BBQ] — I ability be missing one but I anticipate the Jones sisters were our aboriginal — and I anticipate we accepted to business owners that we’re actuality to advice you. The Jones sisters are accomplishing very, actual able-bodied now. Our alone ambition with any hero is to advice change their lives for the better.

“So I anticipate the appearance has afflicted with the assortment and I anticipate the assortment has afflicted aloof because we accept a abundant beyond basin of bodies to cull from because bodies are absolutely added accommodating to accord us a adventitious now than they were at the beginning.” 

Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk takes a ride while visiting the Jersey Shore in Adventure 6.

One affair Pastor Noah mentioned was how 18-carat and accurate you guys were and the assembly in general. How do you all accumulate it so authentic? Is there a abstruse sauce? Or is it aloof as simple as bristles accompany who appetite to advice people?

BERK: “I mean, a little bit of both. We went in, all bristles of us in casting, we didn’t absolutely apperceive anniversary other. But we were affectionate of the five, out of 40-something, that were in there absolutely allowance anniversary added and allowance added bodies — alike bodies we were up against. We were aloof allowance them, and giving them clues of what had aloof happened to us. We were aloof artlessly those blazon of people.

“But there is affectionate of a abstruse booze to it. We do go in there, and we are acute about aggravating to consistently accomplish our hero balloon they’re on a show. That is allotment of — we don’t echo anything, nothing’s scripted. If audio or a camera doesn’t get a bearings that aloof happened, we don’t get it — it’s gone forever. Because the moment area you’re like, ‘I’m so sorry, Pastor Noah. We didn’t get that. Could we go aback and charm that?’ Afresh they’re like, ‘Oh, I’m on a show. I charge to be guarded. I charge to be accurate of what I say. It’s aback we get them to balloon there are cameras there and get them to balloon that they are on a appearance is aback we get an accurate experience, not alone for the admirers but for our hero. 

“So we’re consistently so, so acquainted — like aback the cameras aren’t rolling, we absolutely go out of our way to abstracted ourselves from the hero because we consistently appetite to accomplish abiding that the conversations that we’re accepting on camera are absolute amoebic conversations. We don’t appetite to accidentally allocution to them about article off-camera and afresh we’re like, ‘Oh, God, this absolutely needs to be article that’s on camera.’ And afresh be like, ‘Remember what we were talking about before? Allocution about that again.’ Because it afresh becomes unauthentic.”

“The alone way to change anyone’s mind about abrogating activity they ability accept about a accumulation of bodies they apperceive annihilation about is by visibility. And that’s not aloof for the LGBT community, that’s for any animal being.”

And acutely it’s not scripted, admitting what some bodies may think. 

BERK: “I apprehend a cheep the added day from a adolescent adult who was absolutely talking about the Pastor Noah episode. And she was like, ‘I was sitting actuality bawl at the Pastor Noah adventure about him and Bobby and their conversation. It was breaking my heart. And afresh my admirer was like, you apperceive all that’s scripted, right?’ And she said that fabricated her so sad, and I was like, ‘No. No, absolutely it’s not AT ALL. It’s not at all.’ 

“There are genitalia that are planned out, like me and the boys will accept conversations with assembly about area we charge to airing into the allowance or sit area the lighting or audio is activity to be best. But that’s because, again, it’s article we don’t appetite to put our heroes through. We don’t appetite them to accept that conversation. We appetite to get that all out of the way. So things like that, yeah they’re pre-planned. But it’s pre-planned in adjustment to accomplish abiding our appearance and the hero’s acquaintance are as accurate as possible.”

I anticipate that absolutely comes across. I never anticipation annihilation was scripted, but the one affair I could never amount out was the surprises in the alpha aback there’s already a camera in the room.

BERK: “It’s funny because I don’t anticipate that me and the boys alike knew that until like Division 3 or 4. We never absolutely understood. We’re like, ‘God, why do they consistently act so surprised? Acutely they apperceive we’re here. And it wasn’t until — I don’t alike apperceive what adventure it was — our controlling ambassador was like, ‘Wait, you guys anticipate they apperceive you’re here?’ And we’re like, Well, don’t they?’ And they were like, ‘No. We consistently aloof acquaint them that we’re filming their backstory… and you’re advancing addition day.’ And we went, ‘Ohhhhh, OK. We get it now!’ [laughs].”

This is acutely a appearance that’s important to the anomalous community, but how important is it for beeline bodies to watch? Maybe it opens their eyes to a altered types of bodies they commonly wouldn’t collaborate with?

BERK: “Honestly, I anticipate it’s added important. The alone way to change anyone’s apperception about abrogating activity they ability accept about a accumulation of bodies they apperceive annihilation about is by visibility. And that’s not aloof for the LGBT community, that’s for any animal being. Which is why we absolutely went out of our way to affection an immigrant ancestors this year, because we capital bodies to see what they’re absolutely like. Especially at the time, all that address was activity on from you-know-who about the caravan’s advancing to advance our bound and we’re like, ‘No! We accept to accomplish abiding that we acquaint a accurate accurate adventure about immigrant families that accept congenital this country.’ 

“So I anticipate it’s so, so important for bodies from every airing of activity to watch a appearance like ours. We absolutely try to accomplish abiding that we accord a articulation and afterimage to every blazon of being that we can.”

So there’s this meme, viral post, whatever you appetite to alarm it, amphibian out there. I’m apprehensive if you’ve apparent it. It goes article like… 

So my final catechism to you is this: How does it feel to be the hardest-working affiliate of The Fab Five?

BERK: “You know, I don’t attending at it that way. I ability do the best time-consuming and concrete labor, but I additionally knew that activity in. I’m actual acquainted of what my job entails. I absolutely absolutely am a designer, I absolutely accept a architecture firm, I absolutely do projects aloof like this every day. So I never in a actor years accepted the workload to be annihilation beneath than it is. I’m accomplished with that. But aloof because abundance is the best time-consuming and labor-intensive doesn’t beggarly it’s the best important. All bristles of our verticals, none of us could do what we do after the others. So yeah, I acknowledge the adulation and acknowledgment that anybody shows for me about that, but I don’t attending at it that way.”

You can chase Bobby Berk on Twitter and Instagram, and appointment his website here. 

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