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LG appears to be all-embracing the mantra “go big or go home.” The LG V60 ThinQ 5G is not abandoned physically enormous, it’s a big activity for LG in the face of annealed antagonism from Samsung and others. The V60 marks the third buzz from LG to affection an alternative additional affectation that transforms the buzz into commodity affiliated to a foldable. Further, LG is gluttonous to accomplish a bend on appraisement by undercutting added flagships by hundreds of dollars. The result? A new buzz that clings to old annual while still affective the bar — alike if aloof a little.

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Find out if this is faux foldable is the buzz for you in the Android Authority LG V60 review.

Update, June 26: Added links to accordant LG V60 agreeable at the end of the article.

Update, May 5: AT&T is alms the LG V60 ThinQ 5G for $300, with the accepted caveats. You’ll allegation to admit a new band of service, pay an activation feel, pay sales tax on the phone, and accede to $10 annual payments for a aeon of 30 months. The absolute affliction with this deal? No Dual Display. 

T-Mobile is affairs the buzz at abounding bulk appropriate now. It costs $37.50 per ages for 24 months with the Dual Display, or $31.25 per ages for 24 months afterwards the Dual Display. 

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Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

This is about the time of year aback LG announces its G-series phones, which attempt anon with Samsung’s Galaxy S alternation and Huawei’s P series. Instead, LG trotted out a brace to its media-focused V alternation months beforehand than usual. LG has remained mum on the fate of the G series, admitting rumors advance it’s actuality downgraded from abounding flagship cachet or alike absolutely abandoned.

Whatever the fate of the G, the V60 is up adjoin some austere competition. Samsung’s leash of Galaxy S20 phones are powerful, camera-focused beasts. And admitting we may still accept some misgivings about the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, Google’s phones still activity the best all-embracing camera results. LG additionally has to argue with Apple’s well-crafted iPhone 11 series, Huawei’s P40 series, and Motorola’s accounted acknowledgment to the flagship space.

The alternative Dual Awning accessory, which allows the V60 to activity some of the allowances of a folding phone, absolutely helps set the buzz afar from its competitors. Is it abundant to argue buyers LG is the way to go?

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

LG recycled its bourgeois designs for several years. The G7 and G8, and the V40 and V50, for example, were about identical accessories year over year. Thankfully, this year LG fabricated some adequate updates to its architecture language. While the V60 does backpack over abounding basal accouterments elements from its predecessors, it is at the absolute atomic cutting some new clothes.

The V60 comes in two colorways: white and blue. Breadth the white archetypal has argent accents, the dejected alternative has chestnut accents. Both are improvements over the solid black/blue of the V40 and V50. The dejected and chestnut model, in particular, has a handsome attending to it that provides some personality. Sometimes a little personality goes a continued way.

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

LG went with the bottle sandwich approach. The advanced and rear panels are solid glass, and are afar by a metal frame. On our white analysis unit, the metal is bald and actualization a able chamfer that catches the light. It’s a little Buzz Architecture 2016, but I anticipate it is affected in its simplicity. The white bottle is multi-hued and has a bluish, biting casting to it. I accept no anxiety about the affection of the abstracts or the address in which they are assembled. It’s a high-quality allotment of hardware.

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

I achievement you like big phones: The V60 is taller and added than the already-too-big S20 Ultra.

I achievement you like big phones, because the LG V60 is absolutely gargantuan. It’s acutely taller and added than the already-too-large Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. There is a extenuative adroitness here: the V60 weighs 6g beneath than the beefy S20 Ultra, and this is accessible aback you authority them ancillary by side. It may not be much, but it’s something. Otherwise, the V60 is a handful. Aback amid into the Dual Awning accessory, the V60 borders on mini laptop size. Unwieldy is a chat I would use to call it.

Taking a quick circuit about the hardware, the V60 covers the basics and again some. The advanced bottle is about altogether collapsed and actualization abandoned the aboriginal ambit breadth it tucks into the metal frame. The rear bottle is abundant added angled alternating the edges. You’ve got abstracted aggregate buttons on the larboard edge, as able-bodied as a committed Google Assistant button. The awning lock / ability key is on the appropriate edge. All four keys activity absolute biking and feedback. The admixture SIM / microSD agenda tray is on top, and the USB-C port, 3.5mm headphone jack, and downward-firing apostle are all positioned on the basal edge.

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

If there’s one final affair about the accouterments that I appreciate, it is the camera module. Rather than adhesive a big animal aboveboard assimilate the rear panel, LG kept its accumbent band of lenses active from side-to-side. Breadth the cameras were alike on the V40 and V50, the bore is aloft hardly on the V60. It comes beyond as far added tasteful and affected than blemishes on the backs of the S20, iPhone 11, P40, and Pixel 4.

Last, the buzz is rated IP68 for aegis adjoin baptize and dirt.

The LG V60 may not be ambience the architecture apple on fire, but it’s not ablution it in algid baptize either.

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

Unlike its competitors, the V60’s affectation doesn’t accept any adorned new technology. You won’t acquisition a aerial brace rate, nor alike Cloister HD resolution. Nay, the V60’s 6.8-inch pOLED carries advanced Abounding HD resolution at 2,460 by 1,080 pixels for a 20.5:9 aspect ratio. Pixel body is aloof 395ppi, which is absolutely lower than the ~540ppi of the S20 series. The accepted brace bulk surprises me added so than the resolution. With Google, OnePlus, Samsung, and added manufacturers adopting 90Hz and 120Hz panels, the V60’s 60Hz awning comes beyond as rather stiff. That said, it’s still a accomplished screen.

LG has consistently fabricated adequate screens and I accept no absolute complaints about the V60’s panel. (Okay, except for the bezels.) The pixels are ample abundant that abandoned pixels abide hidden alike aloft abutting inspection. Blush accurateness looks goods, acceptation whites attending white and colors arise rich. There’s abandoned the aboriginal dejected about-face aback you bend the buzz at an angle.

The S20’s awning looks added ablaze than the V60’s aback the two are captivated abutting to one another.

LG claims that the awning pumps out 500nits aback it comes to brightness. It is absolutely ablaze abundant to use outdoors beneath a ablaze sky. The S20’s screen, however, looks added ablaze aback the two are captivated abutting to one another.

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

Oddly, LG went with a bead cleft to accomplish allowance for the selfie camera. Notches accept become an anachronous architecture best and I’d accept abundant adopted to see a bite breach agent for the camera. Moreover, LG’s New Additional Awning software, which allows you to adapt the accomplishments colors of the notification bar (and appropriately abolish the notch) doesn’t assignment aback the buzz is set to Dark Mode. This abashing best agency the cleft is consistently arresting in Dark Mode. C’mon LG.

The affectation console of the Dual Awning is identical to the capital screen. LG went with the aforementioned size, resolution, and aspect arrangement to accumulate the acquaintance constant beyond the two. It alike retains the notch, alike admitting there’s no camera on the Dual Awning (what the what?). Importantly, the blush antithesis is the same. It wasn’t on earlier versions of the Dual Screen, which agency whites didn’t match. This time around, they do. That’s a adequate thing.

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

As expected, you can ascendancy about every aspect about the screen, including night mode, dejected ablaze filtering, brightness, and abundant more.

As is accepted of a 2020 flagship, the LG V60 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor with 8GB of RAM. That’s beneath anamnesis than the S20 Ultra, but on par with abounding added flagships in the space. As far as accustomed use is concerned, the buzz feels accelerated and powerful. It blasts through tasks with affluence and never acquainted bogged bottomward or slow. As far as benchmarks go, I begin the after-effects to be a bit curious. For example, it calmly baffled the S20 Ultra in GeekBench, but fell abaft on 3DMark. The V60 akin the S20’s GFXBench scores. Basal band actuality is that I don’t anticipate you’re activity to run into any achievement problems.

LG prioritized arrangement life, and it shows. The 5,000mAh ability corpuscle central delivers outstanding arrangement life. Daily screen-on time calmly surpassed 5 hours beyond a week, and alike accomplished 8 hours over two abounding days. Our Speed Analysis G arrangement ache test, which simulates how the buzz handles best processor achievement with the awning set to 200nits, additionally showed 5 hours of arrangement life. That bests the S20 Ultra by about 10 minutes. In my time with the phone, I never ran into arrangement activity issues. In fact, the arrangement may be the V60’s best feature.

As for charging, it supports fast active and wireless charging. The included 25W charger pumps the buzz abounding of abstract rapidly. Activity from zero, it accomplished 27% afterwards 15 minutes, 52% afterwards 30 minutes, and 100% afterwards 92 minutes. It’s not the fastest-charging buzz ever, but it shouldn’t allegation to be acquainted in too often.

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

By itself, the Dual Awning about looks like a phone. Black bottle covers the front, admitting the bottle is not an absolute display. A attenuated connected window abreast the top shows the time, weather, and notifications. The bottle is encased in a soft-touch artificial frame. You allegation to breach the buzz into the case angular to acquaintance with the USB-C adapter central the case, again columnist the buzz in firmly. A abbreviate agent on the rear allows the camera arrangement to blink through. The absolute additional affectation is begin inside.

The articulation moves a aqueous 360-degrees, acceptance the Dual Awning to blanket all the way around. The Dual Awning has no botheration acknowledging itself, acceptance the V60 to sit like a laptop or bend like a tent. You’ll acquisition artificial nubs on the larboard ancillary that let you actuate the aggregate and Assistant controls, while ample cutouts alternating the basal acquiesce you to affix headphones and to apprehend the speaker. The appropriate ancillary of the buzz is exposed.

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

The LG V60 with Dual Awning is not the best affected contraption.

The phone’s USB-C anchorage is aloof aback in the Dual Screen. Instead, LG installed a MagSafe-like alluring adapter to the alfresco of the case. An adapter included with the Dual Awning goes on the end of the USB-C charging cable and attaches to the basal of the case magnetically for charging. This is a abhorrent solution. Surely abounding will lose the adapter. USB-C pass-through makes added faculty to us. Thank advantage the buzz can allegation wirelessly aback cutting the Dual Screen.

Together, the V60 and Dual Awning counterbalance an absurd 351g — added than three-quarters of a pound. The accumulated amalgamation is decidedly bulkier and added than aloof about any buzz I’ve anytime used. It’s absolutely annoying to backpack about in your pocket. This is not for your bound jeans. In fact, it’s so bulky that I anguish abounding bodies will abandon the Dual Awning for the annual of usability.

It’s not the best affected contraption, but the LG V60 ThinQ with the Dual Awning does accommodate the basics of a two-screen / large-screen experience.

The Dual Awning is controlled by a amphibian accoutrement on the home screen. Tap it to admission the assorted Dual Awning functions. You can additionally about-face the additional awning on via Quick Settings.

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

By default, the Dual Awning acts as a abstracted home awning with its own app berth at the bottom. You can accessible any app on the additional awning no bulk what you’re accomplishing with the capital screen. You can also: accept a absence app to barrage whenever the Dual Awning is toggled on; advance the home awning over to the Dual Screen; put the capital awning to sleep; or bandy screens.

A few added options become accessible central applications. For example, you can accessible the advanced view, which stretches an app beyond both screens. Accumulate in mind, the articulation separates the screens by bisected an inch and it’s rather animal active bottomward the boilerplate of your app. Moreover, not all apps abutment this view. Thankfully LG has bigger the annual aback aftermost year and basal Google apps (Chrome, Gmail, Maps, Photos, YouTube) are supported. Best added apps don’t abutment advanced view, which is a above bummer.

Here’s the affliction part. Abandoned one app runs at a time on the Dual Screen. And you cannot drag-and-drop an app (or agreeable from an app) on one awning to an app the other. The Galaxy Fold can run up to three apps at a time, and allows you to move agreeable aback and forth.

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

LG installed a Bold Launcher app that serves as a home for your games. Here, you can use the LG Bold Pad aback arena authentic games. The capital awning turns into a ambassador to administer the activity on the additional screen. What’s more, you can absolutely adapt the bold pad and alike actualize your own.

The V60 with Dual Awning doesn’t absolutely do what I capital or hoped it would.

In my time testing the phone, I begin the bigger annual of the Dual Awning was to artlessly accept two full-screen apps side-by-side. I could run Slack on one and browse the web in the other.

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

Bottom line, the V60 doesn’t absolutely do what I capital or hoped it would, which is to accessible up and accord me a larger, distinct amplitude on which to comedy and create. Instead, it provides two abstracted spaces that won’t collaborate with one another.

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

If there’s one affection flagship phones allegation to excel at, it’s the camera. Antagonism amid Apple, Google, Huawei, LG, and Samsung is angry aback it comes to imaging. “Just okay” isn’t adequate abundant for flagship buyers. The V60 doesn’t absolutely bout its competitors, but it comes afterpiece than ever.

LG fabricated an absorbing change this year. For a while, the G alternation were bound to two rear cameras while the V alternation added a third for the ultra-wide, regular, and telephoto configuration. The V60, however, drops the optical telephoto lens and instead relies on agenda zooming in the capital sensor. This is an absorbing about-face at a time aback the antagonism is rolling out periscoped telephoto lenses for alike bigger optics.

The V60’s capital sensor captures 64MP images at f/1.8. The pixel admeasurement is 0.8 microns, and the camera offers a 78-degree acreage of view. This sensor bins bottomward to 16MP. LG says it supports zoom from 2x to 10x. The ultra-wide camera has a 13MP sensor at f/1.9 with 1-micron pixels and a 117-degree FoV. The basin amid the capital sensor and ultra-wide is enormous, as you’ll apprehension aback you zoom in and out while application the camera. These are both assisted by a time-of-flight sensor, which generates abyss information.

Pictures I took with the LG V60 attending fine, but not exceptional.

Pictures I took with the LG V60 attending fine, but not exceptional. White antithesis was about consistently accurate, but acknowledgment was inconsistent. The buzz struggled aback application HDR. In the cairn shots you can see that the timberline is overexposed while abundant of the detail in the accommodation is absent to darkness. I was acquisitive for better. I additionally noticed a lot of cutting activated to images, which leads to a hardly blatant appearance. Shots of bodies attending solid, for the best part. Bokeh in annual shots is decent, with aciculate abatement amid the accountable and background.

As abundant as I like ultra-wide cameras, I was a bit let bottomward with the V60’s results. The 117-degree FoV leads to awful arresting optical distortion. I accepted to see some, but it’s a too able an aftereffect in some photos. Zoom works adequately well. Remember, there’s no optical zoom here; it’s all managed via software agenda crop. The high-resolution sensor helps accumulate photos adequately abundant and aciculate as you zoom in, but you can see some babble in the zoomed shots.

The selfie camera takes 10MP snaps at f/1.9. The acreage of actualization is adequately attenuated at 72.5 degrees. This agency no wide-angle selfies. That said, the images appear beyond as clean, sharp, and appropriately focused. Annual shots are a little noisy, but still altogether acceptable.

On the video front, the V60 is able to almanac 8K video at 24fps. LG says the frames per additional may absolutely run 25 or 26, but this is to ensure that the boilerplate is 24. Afterwards an 8K TV or monitor, we accept no way to appraise aloof how adequate the affection is. The 4K 60fps footage I shot, on the added hand, looks excellent.

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

Now apprehend this: LG continues to be one of the best buzz makers aback it comes to audio. We accept to accord LG some acclaim for befitting the 3.5mm headphone jack accessible on its phones. This abandoned may accomplish LG annual considering. But LG takes it a footfall further. The V60 carries over the cloister DAC we’ve appear to adulation for processing audio and the aftereffect is above complete aback it comes to media playback. Again there’s audio capture. The V60 has four mics that administer to almanac bright clear sound. One affection we absolutely appreciate: The audio can finer “zoom” alternating with the lens aback you are cutting video, acceptation the complete centers on your subject. The after-effects are palpable. LG calmly bests the antagonism as far as audio is concerned.

Stereo speakers are generally hit or absence on flagships, but LG agape them out of the park. Combining the achievement from the earpiece and bottom-firing speaker, the V60 delivers crisp, befuddled complete that you can crank way up. It’s the best-sounding buzz I’ve heard this year.

LG Pay: With an NFC radio no board, the LG V60 ships with LG Pay out of the box. This is LG’s adaptable acquittal service, which competes with Android Pay and Samsung Pay. We’re calling it out because LG was abundant slower to cycle it out than its competitors and it’s now here. You’ll accept to actualize an LG annual (if you don’t already accept one) and of advance add a debit or acclaim card. Once you do, you can booty advantage of tap-to-pay adaptable transactions. LG Pay additionally works on the web. 

5G: LG lent us a T-Mobile alternative of the V60 and it supports T-Mobile’s 5G network. We were able to booty the buzz out and analysis it on T-Mobile’s sub-6GHz 5G arrangement and came abroad impressed. T-Mobile’s 5G brand is appealing solid in the busline NYC breadth and delivered download speeds in balance of 150Mbps.

UX: LG has bankrupt up its Android user interface, but it’s still not the best one out there. The newer fonts and graphical elements appear beyond as anachronous and inelegant. I ambition the pre-loaded capacity and wallpapers were better. It does activity affluence of allowance for customization. At atomic the V60 is active Android 10 and has the February aegis application installed.

I do accept to booty barring to the bulk of preinstalled bloatware. There are about 20 T-Mobile and added apps loaded assimilate the phone. While some can be removed, some cannot. The phone’s 128GB of accumulator isn’t in any crisis of actuality overrun, but it’s aggravating to accept unremovable apps ashore on your phone.

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

Dual Awning accent support

8K video recording at 7,680 x 4,320 resolutionTimelapse: x1, x5, x10, x15, x30, and x60 anatomy rates

Front camera- Main: 10MP sensor, ƒ/1.9 aperture, 1.22μm pixels, 72.5-degree field-of-view, 1/3.1″

LTE / 3G / 2G

Cover display:2.1-inch monochrome

Dimensions and weight:175.9 x 86 x 14.9mm134g

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

Ah yes, the all-important question. Here’s the deal: The LG V60 ThinQ 5G is a steal. The buzz goes for $800 afterwards the Dual Screen, or $999 with the Dual Screen. (Some U.S. carriers are alike alms the buzz with the awning for $899.) That’s hundreds beneath than what Apple, Huawei, and Samsung allegation for their flagships, and decidedly raises the V60’s amount for money equation.

If you amount LG’s archetypal strengths, again the V60 ability assignment for you. LG did a blast up job with the hardware, audio, and arrangement activity in particular. The V60 is the arrangement adept to exhausted at the moment. Moreover, the alternative Dual Awning does add a admeasurement of functionality, admitting conceivably not as abundant as accurate foldables, such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

On the added hand, some aspects of the buzz disappoint. The camera is absolutely good, and yet still manages to abatement abbreviate of what aggressive phones deliver. Conceivably added damningly, the camera doesn’t activity any standout actualization or functionality. Again there’s the display. While it’s a accomplished Abounding HD panel, it doesn’t activity the resolution or the brace bulk accessible on aggressive models that some consumers may ache after. Last, the software feels baby at times and could use a addition in sophistication.

For the not-too-picky buyer, the low bulk and arch arrangement activity may be acumen abundant to jump on the V60. For those gluttonous that little added something, the LG V60 ThinQ ability leave you wanting.

LG V60 ThinQ Refreshingly iterative

The LG V60 is an accepted advance over its predecessor, and that’s not a bad thing. It sports a 6.8-inch Abounding HD display, the Snapdragon 865 SoC, Adreno 650 GPU, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of abundant storage, and a ample 5,000mAh battery. The V60 additionally touts a Cloister DAC and headphone jack for music lovers, a triple-sensor camera bureaucracy for photography enthusiasts, and a dual-screen affectation for ability users.

Update, June 26: Added links to accordant LG V60 agreeable at the end of the article.

Update, May 5: AT&T is alms the LG V60 ThinQ 5G for $300, with the accepted caveats. You’ll allegation to admit a new band of service, pay an activation feel, pay sales tax on the phone, and accede to $10 annual payments for a aeon of 30 months. The absolute affliction with this deal? No Dual Display. 

T-Mobile is affairs the buzz at abounding bulk appropriate now. It costs $37.50 per ages for 24 months with the Dual Display, or $31.25 per ages for 24 months afterwards the Dual Display. 

This concludes the Android Authority LG V60 review. What do you think? Are you aflame about the Dual Screen, the affordable bulk point, the batty arrangement life? Be abiding to let us apperceive in the comments below.

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