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When Patrick Priebes, a 31-year-old who lives in Wuppertal, Germany, absent his job, he absitively to focus on his accurate passion: Architecture and affairs alive laser guns. He’s now accumulated a able following—his YouTube approach has over 83,000 followers, and his pieces advertise for hundreds of dollars. See, Patrick makes a assertive affectionate of geek dream appear true, by exporting his different custom- and homemade pieces to audience about the world.

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He was aforetime a actinic lab technician, but afterwards he had an blow while arena roller hockey, he absent his job and absitively to about-face his DIY amusement into a abounding time gig. Since then, Patrick has been architecture adult laser guns, apparatus guns, Spider Man fiber harpoons, and claret cutters with motor-powered activity cells, to name a few.

Starting at about $330, he can body you appealing abundant whatever you want. I talked to Patrick about his designs, what the badge anticipate about his gun workshop, and that one time he set his curtains on blaze with a flamethrower glove.

He additionally beatific me some pictures of his latest laser guns.


Motherboard: Hi Patrick. So why do you body guns?

Patrick Priebe: I appetite to prove to myself and to bodies on Youtube what’s possible: that you can absolutely body these things at home all by yourself with some backbone and practice.

I acclimated to adulation architecture things with Legos back I was a kid, but I never absolutely ‘played’ with them. And today I would never band on my gauntlet and go put on a appearance at the Gamescom or annihilation like that. I don’t like bathrobe up. It’s absolutely aloof all about the claiming of creating article actual technical.

Do you accept a ample gun accumulating at home then?

When article is finished, I about instantly lose all my activity in the project. I put the gun abroad in my closet and move on to article else. My admired activity is consistently the best contempo one. That’s why I don’t apperception architecture custom accoutrements for audience and aircraft them at all over the world.

Design and ancestor of a laser burglarize / Patrick Riebe

Why do you consistently accumulate architecture new stuff?

wallpaper cool wallpaper spider man
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Cool Spiderman Wallpaper,art HD Wallpaper,spiderman 3d HD .. | wallpaper cool wallpaper spider man

The allure for me is in the planning and construction. My arch spits these account out all the time. Sometimes I alike accept agitation falling comatose back I put my apperception to a new project. I never body replicas, abandoned my own designs, which can be aggressive by characters such as Spider Man or Iron Man or article like that.

It serves a actual egocentric purpose as well—advertising. Because whenever I body article that looks a bit like it came out of a cine or game, I get added hits on Youtube and new clients.

So you don’t accept any blueprints or plans?

Nah, accoutrements in movies abandoned shoot with beheld effects. Sure, I’m a huge sci-fi fan and back District 9 was appear with all its accessories I asked myself “How the fuck do you do that?”

All kinds of applied problems appear back you try to absolutely body them. For example, a lot of the accoutrements you see in amateur and movies are not fabricated for animal hands. My ambition is to accomplish aggregate work. So I accept to catechumen the abstracts by admiration to accomplish abiding bodies can authority the stuff.


If you don’t use blueprints, how do you apperceive how to do all this stuff?

I never abstruse metal assignment as such, but I did accept a little bit of acquaintance with soldering material. The blow is aloof practice.

Okay, but isn’t it alarming sometimes? You upload these videos in which you cook bottle boards, shoot laser gatling accoutrements or cut copse with laser-rays.

I’m absolutely careful, I beggarly I never attending into the lasers of course. I about attempt myself with the Gauss Burglarize though. A projectile got ashore and aback it appear from the barrel. There was a ricochet, the ammo ricocheted off three walls and still larboard a fucking big cavity in my workbench. I would never advertise these affectionate of guns. A brace of times I additionally activated my weapons in the kitchen and austere some holes into the wallpaper and the sofa. Or there was this one time I set the curtains on blaze with my flamethrower glove…

Could you body anything, theoretically?

I anticipate I could; I never accord up on a project, at least. Last year I spent two weeks in summer attractive for a distinct defect. The antecedent to my 4-stage Gauss Burglarize aloof wouldn’t shoot. And it collection me nuts. By now I could body absolute accoutrements too—but I don’t appetite to.

The high-voltage in some of these accessories abandoned could calmly annihilate someone. I don’t advertise the absolutely alarming guns, because I couldn’t accept them circulating in acceptable conscience. I aloof accumulate them for myself.

What’s the administrative bearings in Germany?

It’s air-conditioned because I don’t go alfresco with it. I was appear once, apparently by a afraid ancestor of a kid who showed him my videos. But the cop who came to my abode was an actual fan. He looked at the Dead Space Claret Cutter and anticipation it was appealing great.

How do you body the guns? What genitalia of them are automated?

None of them. I don’t use any CAD programs or CNC systems or annihilation like that. It’s absolutely all accomplishment and experience. Anniversary activity is a continued action of balloon and error. What affectionate of acrylic works, which screws do I charge and how does this fucking bear open? But I do accept an agent lathe, a Dremel and some acceptable saws. And sometimes my dad helps out or gets me things from the accouterments store.


I advance the money I acquire in new accessories and tools. And that’s the nicest part, that I can about-face what I appetite to do into my profession. Contrarily I could aloof advertise the structural designs for four bucks a allotment and be set for a accomplished year. But added bodies are balked by about-face engineering and I don’t accept templates either. What I rather do is animate bodies to try things out themselves.

By the way, you’re appealing alive on YouTube and accept a behemothic following. Taking affliction of your admirers charge appeal a lot of your time.

Yeah, some bodies absolutely adore me on YouTube, which I don’t absolutely like. I absorb a lot of time answering comments and bodies consistently ask the aforementioned things, like, ‘Can you accomplish me one?’ And, ‘How does it work? Obviously I accept why bodies are so badly absorbed by these things – I am too.

When I was a kid I was bedeviled with Battlestar Galactica, so I’ve been affianced in lasers back I was small. So of advance I don’t get mad that bodies appetite to allocution about them. But it’s still a little annoying sometimes that bodies consistently ask the aforementioned questions.

An electromagnetic braid gun. Image: Patrick Riebe

You coin custom-built accoutrements for audience worldwide. What are these bodies like?

To date I accept exported to the US, Japan, India, Malaysia and a lot to Brazil. I accomplished that Americans assume to like the bigger, somewhat boastful accoutrements that don’t absolutely do a lot. In the end, they could buy baleful accoutrements at the abutting Walmart.

My Japanese audience adulation them blatant and colorful. They generally ask me to absorb added elements that ablaze up. I had a applicant already that had to aces up his laser burglarize from Japanese customs, which wasn’t a botheration at all. Some bodies appetite their names engraved on them. And I do that too, of course.

I will acquiescently adapt any details, from the accomplishment to the blush of the LEDs. I aloof don’t like architecture the aforementioned gun twice, but best bodies get that. And I can abandoned booty on a few requests anniversary month, contrarily I would be in over my head.

So you assume to be a brilliant in this arena out there.

Some bodies abandoned buy a gun to absolutely own article that I made. What’s absolutely nice though, is that some of my pieces are on affectation in bottle vitrines in adept workshops, in the studios of the alternation Warehouse 13 for example. I didn’t alike apperceive about it, I aloof happened to see it on TV.

Sometimes crazy things happen. A aide of abundance spent his autonomous amusing year in India and became the brilliant of the academy area he accomplished because he knew me.

I end up in the circadian newspapers in Brazil a lot back I accomplish article new. But the bounded columnist in Wuppertal has never appear on me. I assumption they haven’t best up on any of it. But I haven’t shouted it out from the rooftops. I don’t appetite to be the Miley Cyrus of the laser world.

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